Do you have any examples of videos used in your campaigns? +

Yes, this is one example of a video made for a dentist campaign. The videos I will make for you will have your logo and company details if you choose to, and I will also mention your business name.

What kind of business can be promoted and which countries? +

Any business can be promoted with my service. Even in very competitive niches such as (Legal, Real Estate, Insurance and other), but for this kind of business, please contact me first so i can make you a custom offer.


Some examples of businesses I am able to promote:

Florists, Gyms, Contractors, Roofing, Health Clubs, Lawyers, Restaurants, Hotels, Dentists, Physicians, Doctors or any other business related activities whose customers go into Google or YouTube and search for a solution for their problem.


I currently work with English, Spanish, and Portuguese Speaking Countries, since this are languages in which I am proficient with.

If you have a request for a campaign in any other language, I can try to work closely with you and make it happen. Just send me a message or schedule a meeting and I will be available.

Is the website secure for me to submit personal data? Is the website secure? +

Yes, I do not share your personal information with any third party entities nor I resell it. In fact, this is something that I take very seriously and is one of my top priorities when working with my clients.



This site uses SSL encryption to protect against any kind of hacking related to stealing information such as credit card or any other personal information.

I also use Cloudflare which is an additional layer of security against hackers who want to take the website down and possibly steel content displayed on the website.

I use a premium, secure and costly cart processor (paykickstart) to make the transaction process smooth and completely safe.

I also only use 2 payment processor which is “PayPal” and “Stripe” for credit cards, which are safest and industry standard for online payments.

I run daily security checks to this website using the latest security systems on the market.

Who am I? +

My name is Bernardo and I have worked abroad in several different companies, American European and African ones.


I have worked as Call center Agent, Construction Engineer in Africa, a company manager in Export & Import business in Europe, real estate with Remax and has an online marketing professional in an International Software Company.


In the past 6 years, I have been studying, developing and implementing Online marketing strategies for solopreneurs and companies with much success.


I also have an online membership where I develop and teach my students on how to apply these same techniques, so they can achieve the same results I can.


Because of my past experience working in several types of businesses, combined with my online marketing experience, I feel I have a key advantage understanding both customers and business owners needs.


During my research and development activities as an online marketer, I was able to kraft proprietary methods, to deliver customers that are looking for services/products within the location and surrounding areas of specific business.


The internet is transitioning from written content into video, because of this, I have specialized in Video marketing. 6 years ago, when I considered going into online marketing I understood the trend, and every aspect of marketing I do now is directly or indirectly associated with Video.


That is why I consider having a unique skill set which allows me to understand both prospect and the client needs, to convey the right message.

I need a custom order. I want a personalized video? I want you to upload more videos? +

Some of my clients have the need to customize their service.

Some request to upload more “page 1” videos per month. 50, 75 and even 100/month.

Sometimes they want me to use their own videos, or make the videos in a different way.

Sometimes they want videos to be spread throughout several YouTube accounts.

If you would like me to tailor my service to your needs, which are not included in the standard package, just send me a message, or actually schedule a call, so can discuss the details with you personally.

Is it possible to target more locations? Can I expand the radius of influence to greater than 15 miles? +

Yes, you can. In the standard package, I search cities and towns within 15 miles. That is enough for most small and medium size Local Businesses.


Often potential clients don't want to travel much far than this to get their problem solved, at least when they are searching for a service on the internet. With this being said, some businesses do serve much larger areas, and that is why they would like to expand their influence radius, by having videos also targeting those locations.


If that is the case, please get in contact with me and I will craft a personalized campaign for you. My contact is on this page, although I rather prefer to schedule a call, so both have time to sort the details.

Can you still offer your 25 videos a month and same prices for competitive niches, such as “Insurance, Legal, Auto, Medical, Real Estate”? +

Those markets are very competitive, thus I will have 5 to 10 times more work and spend more in resources to accomplish the same results. I can still offer the service, but please contact me for a personalized quote. Let’s schedule a call to sort the details.

Why is this service so affordable? +

In the past, I also ran a company. That is why I know how hard it is for a local business to have access to affordable and yet effective marketing solutions. Everyone buys local ads/listings, distribute flyers, business cards or get into radio shows. But none of this mediums give you accurate metrics, but most of all they are expensive.


I wanted to have a service which is very effective at getting target customers but still affordable.

Because of this, I have created proprietary workflows and tools to speed up the fulfillment process, still maintaining a high-quality service.


As stated previously, I have a kind of internet marketing laboratory, in which I test different methods with my students. What I learn from their feedback and my own testing along with a small infrastructure, allow me to provide this kind of prices to you.

I have heard that youtube channels/accounts might get banned? How do you ensure their safety? +

First, I make sure that any of the content such images, videos, and audio are copyright free, or I buy the media myself.

Second, it is my duty to comply with all youtube rules and guidelines and that is what I do.

Sometimes, (and this has happened to several large “Channels” and “YouTubers”), YouTube for unknown reasons shuts down the YT Accounts.

I have seen legit YT businesses out of business because someone reported a video which complied with YT guidelines, but because the YouTube AI (Artificial Intelligence) system is not smart enough, they got their account shut down.

I am aware of this risks and I take strong precautions against them.

What I do is to back up every piece of data, from videos, images, content, and links from the current YouTube channel on a secure server.


In the slightest chance of this happen, I will quickly re-upload the saved data to another channel which have no influence on the quality or effectiveness of the service since videos will be showing again in Google and YouTube and syndicated to social properties.